Breakfast Is Worth Waking Up for with These Dessert-Inspired Dishes

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Yes. We’ve all heard of the breakfast for dinner concept (who doesn’t love a dish topped with a fried egg?) but what’s really making waves is an even sweeter treat. Dessert for breakfast—think next-level pancakes, crumb cake, and fruit tarts—it’s all about bringing a little whimsy into your morning routine. We partnered with Folgers®Simply Gourmet™ to share our favorite recipe ideas from this delicious new trend.

Stack ’Em Up! These Vanilla-Oat Pancakes Are What Dreams Are Made Of

Heami Lee

Take a regular pancake batter up a notch with the addition of fresh vanilla beans and coarsely ground oats. This fluffy and filling treat is further elevated with a delicately sweet and tangy vanilla sour cream and freshly grated lemon zest on top. The perfect pairing for your a.m. decadence? A cup of mellow and creamy Folgers® Simply Gourmet™ Natural Vanilla coffee.

Rise and Shine! You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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We’re all fans of coffee cake as a morning indulgence, so why not savor an all-time favorite as a sweet start to the day? This luscious vanilla pound cake has the perfect crumb and is drizzled with a velvety glaze made with specks of natural vanilla beans. To add even more flavor to your wake-up, top with candied oranges for a pop of color and zesty citrus flavor.

Wake Up to a Total Eclipse of the Tart

Heami Lee

Consider it a breakfast scone gone rogue. Starting with a tart will make you feel like you’re at high tea and indulging in a work of culinary art. The base of this frangipane tart is made with subtly fragrant vanilla beans and roasted almonds spread into a shortbread crust. It’s then topped with lush, multi hued fresh figs and baked until golden. Enjoy this sweet-scented vanilla dessert in tandem with your morning coffee, or along with some fresh whipped cream for a little extra oomph.

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